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Today we launched our new company website!

Some of the changes you’ll see include:

  • A new logo, color scheme, and website design for VelaMira, Inc.
  • A new website address: (formerly
  • A focus on mission-critical project and program support services
  • Based in Albuquerque instead of Rio Rancho
  • A local 505 phone number in addition to our toll-free number
  • Job postings and the ability to apply on the website
  • The return of our blog (News and Views)

So…what happened to Data-Scribe? Data-Scribe is technically still here. Brett and Leila Johnson started 2 companies in 2003 and merged them together to create VelaMira, Inc. in 2005. We were more commonly known by our “doing business as” or dba name, Data-Scribe. Earlier this year, Leila Johnson became the sole owner of VelaMira, Inc. We decided it would be best to re-brand under our corporate name now that our services have evolved away from information technology.

So…what does VelaMira mean? OK, we’re about to get a bit nerdy here! Vela and Mira are constellations. In Latin, Vela means ‘sails on a ship’ and Mira means ‘wonderful’. We structured it in the Spanish language grammatical format with the descriptive word after the object (adjective after noun). It’s a play on words meaning “wonderful sails” (well-equipped to have strong direction and go on great adventures) and “wonderful sales” (having a financially successful company).

Phew. The bottom line is, our culture has stayed the same. We are still dedicated to supporting our clients and their missions with our high-quality services and professional, friendly team members.

Thank you for checking out our new website. Feel free to contact us to learn how we can support you with your project or program.


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