New Mexico State Land Office

Project Details

The Situation: The New Mexico State Land Office produced an annual Oil and Gas Manual. The revisions required changes to text and formatting.

The Problem: The updates needed to be made within Microsoft Word and converted into Adobe Acrobat PDF format so that readers could navigate through the electronic document easily. The office staff was on a deadline and was encountering technical issues that they couldn’t resolve.

Our Solution: We worked onsite and remotely with the Office to review previous electronic versions of the manual, the changes to be made in the new version, and the technical issues they were encountering.

We completed all of the following:

  • Organized materials into a logical order and generated an updated table of contents
  • Created a style sheet outlining font types, font sizes, and colors to be used throughout
  • Edited and proofread content in several phases throughout the project
  • Resized and aligned tables and forms to create a more pleasing page layout
  • Finalized updates to the table of contents and updated the glossary and index
  • Laid out the 250+ page document within Microsoft Word so that the conversion to Adobe Acrobat would generate bookmarks and links throughout

The Result: The Office staff were pleased with the revisions and improvements we made. The training we provided them in Word and Adobe Acrobat allowed them to make minor edits as needed throughout the year. The Office met their deadline for publishing the manual and received positive feedback.


Process Improvement
Training and Development
Writing and Editing


New Mexico State Land Office